The Art of Making NY Style Pizza:

It begins with our in-house made from scratch dough. Our dough is then hand stretched and topped with our fresh pizza sauce that is infused with herbs, ensuring that your mouth is watering before you have even had your first bite. We then top our pizza with freshly grated 100% mozzarella cheese.

The making NY style pizza is art, not an a science. Let us bake you a piece of art.

get a taste of where South Asia meets Italy


Halal Chicken Pizza

Chicken Tikka

Our Signature Pizza. 100% Halal Chicken Marinated in our secret Chicken Tikka blend. Topped with fresh jalapenos, onions, cilantro and lime.



Halal Beef Pizza

Seekh Kabab

Beef Kabab marinated in Traditional South Asian Spices 


Veggie Pizza


Special Blend of Blend of Spices Made with hot Peppers,Cilantro Topped with Jalepeno & Onions